Who is Simply Shea & Butters?

Our Mission and customer goals

Our journey began from health issues that affected one of our owners. She suffered from Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disease that damages the thyroid gland and caused her skin and hair to become extremely dry and brittle. She began to study about oils and butters that were beneficial for the skin and hair and began to make her own bath and body products, tearing away from all store-bought soap, lotions and the likes. During this time, skin revived its glow and moisture levels returned. During this journey, she was given a clear vision and charge from God to begin her own line of products, the ones that helped her. God’s vision was clear, even the business name was given, but the time was not. Like Abraham and Sarah was given a vision of having a baby, but the time was not at that time, they had to wait. Much live SS&B, after many years of waiting, planning and studying, the vision is now even clearer and moving forth.

Our mission at Simply Shea & Butters (SS&B) Artisan Soapery is to create skin loving, nourishing, moisturizing, plant-based, non-toxic soaps and bath time necessities, that help to restore your youthful glow. We use OPTIMAL ingredients, scientifically proven to provide our customers with bath time necessities that don’t strip your natural oils, but gets the job done and restores your moisture barrier.

Our mission is to provide a, “Less is More” experience. “Less is More” perfectly defines our line of bath products. We ensure that you will use less and gain more nourishing, more balanced moisture and more vitality to your skin than ever before.  Just a little goes a long way.

We want you to have skin that POP (Pretty On Purpose).


Rolanda White is the founder of SS&B, a soapery with a mission to provide you with more for less. Proceeds from SS&B organic, plant-based, sulfate-and-paraben free soap will be used to fund Pretty on Purpose, a foundation geared to encourage young girls to know that they are beautiful and can become whatever their hearts desire.

For all media, press, and partnership inquiries please contact us at simply.shea.and.butters@gmail.com

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